Maker’s Plant-Filled Tiny Home ADU with Studio

tiny home ADU

Denise Bayron is a multi-talented maker living in a tiny home ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Oakland, California. She is a knitwear designer and sewing patternmaker with a knack for small space design. By creating zones, Denise organized her layout into distinct areas, maximizing efficiency and aesthetics. Yet her foundation-based tiny house still feels open…

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His 10-ft Wide Tiny House with Exotic Pets

10-ft wide tiny house

Alex lives in his charming farmhouse-inspired 10-ft wide tiny house with an exotic selection of animal roomies—a python, an iguana, a tarantula, and two rare cats. His pets definitely wouldn’t be allowed in most apartment rentals, and that was a huge motivator in deciding to pursue tiny homeownership. Further, the insane cost of housing in…

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Artist’s Tiny House Garage Conversion Funds His Passion

Tiny House Garage Conversion

We partnered with Airbnb to share the amazing stories of hosts behind unique small space listings, like Superhost Michael Crockett’s tiny house garage conversion. Michael is a Sacramento-based artist who converted a garage into an art-filled tiny house. Hosting the Tiny Art House nurtures his creative side while significantly contributing to his income. He built…

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Impressive Caboose-Inspired Tiny House

Do you dig the railroad and trains? You’ll love this darling caboose-inspired tiny house! We share a look inside the build to see how space-efficient ideas were brought to life in the completed caboose tiny house. Friesian Woodcrafters built it, a family-run sister business of Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The Arthur is one…

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Magical Renovated Geodesic Dome Home

geodesic dome home

What makes a geodesic dome home work? Keep scrolling! We are partnering with Airbnb to share the amazing stories of hosts behind unique small space listings. Meet Superhosts Denise and Mike. They created a magical geodesic dome experience, combining the serenity of a treehouse with the comfort of an organic-shaped dome. It’s proven to be…

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Tiny House Family, Simple Life in 320 SQFT

Throwback to our visit with the Gerde tiny house family a couple of years ago after they relocated to Colorado for a fresh start. Read Emily Gerde’s book! Ultimately, the tiny house lifestyle served as a powerful reset for their once overly busy lives. Tiny house living provided a slower pace that helped them create…

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Beach or Mountains? Tiny House Beach Cottage & Tiny Log Cabin

Tiny House Beach Cottage & Tiny Log Cabin

Do you prefer the beach or mountains? Try out a beach cottage​ and rustic tiny log cabin vibes with these two charming tiny houses on wheels. Rent both at Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Hotel owner and designer Pam Westra shares tours and creative insights behind these custom-themed builds. Tiny House Beach Cottage A…

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Nomadic Carpenter’s DIY Custom Camper Home

Meet Keith, a nomadic carpenter who built a rad DIY custom camper home. We first met him when he parked next to our tiny house a couple of years ago. Then, he’d been traveling in his creative home on wheels for about a year. His cozy tiny home has a simple charm, mixed high and…

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