People Living Tiny Legally

Across the United States

Living tiny legally is not an easy feat in the United States. However, more and more jurisdictions are beginning to allow tiny homes as permanent housing and transitional shelters. And wow, is that overdue! Living in permitted tiny houses, legal tiny home communities, and city-sanctioned shelter villages is more common than ever before.

Here are many of the folks enjoying this opportunity.

morracan style tiny house

DIY Moroccan Style Tiny House Offers a Fresh Start

Meet Shelby and Cole, who lives in a DIY Morrocan style tiny house with their dog, Runa. After a year of tiny living, they’re now…

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Mini Urban EcoVillage with 2 Tiny Homes

Meet best friends Becca & Anthony and Kate & Brad created a mini urban ecovillage of sorts. Their little tiny home community is in a…

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Couple’s Ditches Rising Rent for Dreamy Tiny House

Meet Bri and Destiny, a newlywed couple enjoying house on wheels life after ditching rising apartment rent. And wow, what a dreamy tiny house they…

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Truly Wonderful New Tiny House Community

Welcome to Cranmore Meadows, a new tiny home community in Haw River, North Carolina. The village sits on a 30-acre nature preserve. Owners Nathan and…

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Couple Built an Impressive Custom Tiny House

A Dream Come True! Jen’s Mountain Tiny Home Meet Callie and Nathan, Cranmore Meadows founders who built a truly impressive custom tiny house name Polaris.…

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Her Permitted Container Home on Land

A Dream Come True! Jen’s Mountain Tiny Home Meet Jen, living her dream in a permitted container home in the Colorado mountains. It all began…

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Her Single Level Tiny Home for Authentic Living

Meet Tyler, a new single level tiny home dweller. During the pandemic, she reevaluated and shifted her lifestyle priorities. She uncovered a yearning for simple,…

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Newlywed Grad Students’ Book-Filled Tiny House

Meet Emilio and Krysten, newlywed grad students living in a plant and book-filled tiny house. It offers a satisfying simple living sanctuary as they work…

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Relaxed Life at LuxTiny Tiny Home Community

Welcome to LuxTiny, a tiny home community in northern Arizona. Currently, it features 41 lots for full-time living and a few rentals. During our visit,…

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NEW Tiny Home Community in Colorado

Lots NOW Available Welcome to Hermosa Orchards Village, a new tiny home community in beautiful Hermosa, Colorado. Chris Hall, a first-time developer, decided to create…

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Grassroots advocates are working to legitimize tiny housing through educational initiatives and collaboration with local and state-level policymakers on common sense regulations. Their shared goal is to create more housing options to meet the needs of all residents.

Legal acceptance is critical for gaining access to financing, insurance and more secure placement of tiny homes. The biggest obstacles, restrictive zoning and building codes, are slowly but surely being overcome. To learn more, watch our docu-series, Living Tiny Legally.

-Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons, Creators of Living Tiny Legally