How to Make Your Tiny House More Comfortable

Always be optimizing because comfort is king for enjoying your tiny home. If you’ve just moved into a tiny house, it might feel a little cramped and awkward at first. It is a big transition, after all, so that’s normal. While you work to get used to it, there are several tweaks you can implement…

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Best Tech for Tiny Home Living

Let’s get techy. Many of the smart home gadgets you see for sale online and in stores are targeted toward the owners and tenants of traditional homes. While most gadget manufacturers may not actively incorporate tiny home dwellers into their marketing materials, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same technology. On the flip side,…

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Top 4 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in Tiny Spaces

plants for tiny spaces

We love tiny homes with lots of plants! Let’s take a look at the best options. Having plants in any house can provide several benefits to those living there. They can reduce stress, be therapeutic, improve the room’s aesthetic, and do so much more. But what if you are limited when it comes to space?…

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How to Ensure There’s Clean Air In Your Tiny House

Clean Air In Your Tiny House

Don’t underestimate the need for clean air in your tiny house. Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and are especially common for people who want to go green, reduce energy use, and minimize their carbon footprint to the environment. One of the biggest benefits of tiny homes is that they are relatively inexpensive,…

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