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The Tiny House Movement, A Housing Paradigm Shift


A tiny home is a multi-tool to meet personal goals, financial and lifestyle, and community needs from shelter to quality, affordable housing. It's a fill-in-the-gaps solution. What other kinds of housing can you say that about?

There's no one size or design that fits all.

And that's why tiny houses come in so many styles, appealing to people of all walks of life. Each as individual as the owner, from consciously simplifying retirees, starter home-seeking couples, to minimalist Millenials, and everything in between.


Tiny house = dwellings 400 square feet & under, on or off wheels

Tiny home = anything, from cabins, treehouses, micro shelter, traditional RVs, yurts, to converted fill-in-the-blanks—school bus, shipping container, grain bin, train car, etc.

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