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We are tiny living nerds, Alexis & Christian, and thanks to our transition into our DIY tiny house on wheels in 2015, our lives have become enriched in every possible, leading to an adventure of a lifetime.

Through our extensive experience researching and documenting of the tiny house movement, we're practically tiny-encyclopedias. Our true passion is connecting people with the resources, inspiration, and connections they need to pursue their simple living interests.

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We were named a top decluttering and renovation expert by Redfin.

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects – and one of the most daunting. There are many things to consider during a renovation, from appliances and cabinets to flooring and countertops. We share our small space design perspective, along with other experts' tips.

Read the full article here: 21 DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips for a Makeover On a Budget


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Sharing Inspiration & Stories from the tiny house movement, along with a wide-variety of Tiny Home Guides to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Would I Ever Move Back Into a Regular-Sized House?

November 22, 2022

Answering a Common Question for Tiny House Dwellers Hello Friends, It’s nice to see you again here on the Tiny…

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Charming Tall Man Friendly Tiny House

November 21, 2022

Meet Josyln and Dave, a rad couple who live in a 32-ft gooseneck home at the Acony Bell Tiny Home…

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Innovative Growatt Infinity 1500 Power Station

November 17, 2022

Welcome to another Tiny Stuff product review! Recently, we had the opportunity to test out the new Growatt Infinity 1500…

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Garage Converted into a Modern Tiny House

November 11, 2022

Welcome to ShinDigs, an old garage converted into a modern tiny house vacation rental. A husband and wife team, Chelsea…

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Tiny House Expedition Vinyl Sticker
Tiny House Expedition Vinyl Sticker


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Home is Where You Park It Unisex Tee


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Home is Where You Park It Vinyl Sticker
Home is Where You Park It Vinyl Sticker


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LIVING TINY LEGALLY: The 3-Part Documentary Series

Our educational documentary series explores the benefits tiny housing can bring to a community, and most importantly, how legal obstacles are being overcome across the United States.

This is YOUR guide for making legal, full-time tiny house living a reality in YOUR community, as an advocate or policymaker. 


Want to own your first home? Ditch your office job, travel more, or retire early? WATCH for inspiration.