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Do you want to live tiny? Or perhaps you're just tiny curious? Read on to learn why less is more and how to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through downsized, simplified living. 

Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and tips learned from our nomadic tiny house life, on-going documentary work, and all the inspiring people we've met along the way.

Also, we share Tiny House Advocacy News here.

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small apartment interior design

Small Space Living: 7 Interior Design Tips to Help Bring Your Apartment to Life

Do you rent a small apartment? We share ideas to help you breathe life into your space. Most apartments are necessarily small and neutral for two reasons. Many more people...
tiny house travel and parking

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot: a Gym and a Driveaway

Tiny House Parking on the Road After carefully maneuvering out of a tight parking spot at Peak View Park, we headed down to the mountain with steep 7% grades. It’s...
tiny home kitchen design

4 Small Kitchen Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Tiny Space

Are you looking for ideas on how to revamp your tiny home kitchen? Check out these four small kitchen design tips for inspiration! Are you one of the many families...
small home design

Design Tips for a Tiny House: Make Size Work in Your Favor

Does size matter when it comes to homes? The answer actually depends on what your requirements are really. Sometimes, a small home is all you need, as long as you...
tiny home tours

Tiny Home Tours of All Kinds from TinyFest California

Skoolies, Tiny Houses on Wheels & a Tiny Prefab House With tiny house events being canceled and postponed, we hope you enjoy this fun look at a tiny living festival!...
tiny house roofing

The Best Roofs For Tiny Houses

Here's a quick overview of tiny house roofing options worth considering. Tiny houses are the small but powerful additions to contemporary alternative living. While some prefer to live in a...
peak view park_tiny houses

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot: Peak View Park

Today's Tiny House Parking Spot: Peak View Park in Woodland Park, Colorado We parked our tiny house at the lovely Peak View Park. It's located in a small mountain city...
tiny house ideas_construction

10 Tiny House Ideas for Construction or Improvements

Tiny house ideas are here! If you are looking to design and build your tiny home or just looking for improvements, keep scrolling. Americans are searching for cheaper ways to...
amazing skoolie tiny house_tour

Family’s Amazing School Bus Tiny Home Conversion – Best Layout Ever!

Is this the best skoolie tiny home?! The Backroads or Bust family of 6 converted a school bus into an amazingly comfortable, functional, and beautiful tiny home. It's quite possibly...
tiny house sustainability

6 Ways to Make Your Tiny House Sustainable

Tiny house living is naturally sustainable in many ways, but you can easily expand upon this. In recent years, the tiny house movement has taken the world by storm. For...
tiny house parking_leadville_colorado

Mountain Tiny Home Community – Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot

Today's Tiny House Parking Spot: Tiny House Leadville in Colorado The small Rocky Mountain town of Leadville is the highest city in the USA, situated at an elevation of 10,152 feet. This...
tiny house design tips

How to Design a Tiny House: 5 Comprehensive Top Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to design a tiny home for full-time living? Read this article to learn the top tips for your future tiny house construction. Looking...
extreme minimalism for debt free living

Extreme Minimalism: Software Engineer’s Box Truck Frugal Living

Sharing a Story of Extreme Minimalism Remember, What Works for Someone Else Might Not Work for You. Tiny Living is Individualistic! Brandon is an extreme minimalist. He converted a box...
tiny house movement_impact

Changing the Housing Game with Tiny Homes

Tiny housing is definitely changing the game in terms of how our modern society regards dwelling options. Consider how the idea of one's home has been a prevailing sort of...
tiny house mistakes

Tiny House Mistakes to Avoid: Build Phase

When constructing your first tiny home, you are likely to make mistakes. That's just a fact; not to worry! Most issues can be fixed, but preparation is key to avoid...
weecasa tiny house hotel

Charming Tiny House Hotel at the Base of the Rockies

A Tiny Getaway at the Base of the Rocky Mountains Welcome to WeeCasa, a tiny house hotel in lovely Lyons, Colorado! They have an impressive collection of 24 tiny houses,...
living small benefits

The Major Benefits of Living in a Small Home

Living with less space comes with BIG benefits. When it comes to choosing a new home, many people opt for a sprawling house with lots of rooms, even if they...
portable generator reviews

9 of the Very Best Portable Generators to Buy and Use

There are many reasons why you should buy a portable generator, from backup power to road trips. If you would like to learn about the best portable generators, you should...