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Do you want to live tiny? Or perhaps you're just tiny curious? Read on to learn why less is more and how to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through downsized, simplified living.

Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and tips learned from our nomadic tiny house life, on-going documentary work, and all the inspiring people we've met along the way.

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Her Dream Tiny Home with Escalante Village Tour

Her Dream Tiny Home with Escalante Village Tour

Aging in place in a mountain town tiny home community Meet Sandy, a 77-year-old retiree aging in place in her dream tiny home. She lives in Escalante Village and loves...
Winter in a Tiny House_5 Ways to Prepare

Winter in a Tiny House: 5 Ways to Prepare

Planning for your future tiny home? Consider the following important winter prep. Tiny homes are a good option for people looking for financial freedom, mobility, and those in search of...
this tiny journey podcast_alexis monkhouse

Introducing This Tiny Journey Podcast

Listen to This Tiny Journey Podcast for firsthand experience & insights from Alexis - another Alexis 😉 Every so often we come across a tiny house person on social media...
He's lived in 2 Tiny Houses since 2013

He’s lived in Two Tiny Houses since 2013, 0 regrets!

9 years, 2 tiny houses, 0 regrets Meet Allen, who downsized after hard times and has now lived in two tiny houses since 2013. He's found that a simple lifestyle...
tiny house doors

Tiny House Doors: Tips for Choosing the Right Kind

Planning your tiny house design? Tiny homes have gained popularity due to their minimal carbon footprint, eco-friendliness, and low cost. While they offer several benefits, special considerations must be made,...
two tiny houses connected by a deck

Her Two Tiny Houses Connected by a Deck

Tiny House Living Led to Rental Business Meet Debby, owner of two tiny houses connected by a deck and a THOW next door, all located next to each other in...
tiny home movement now and future

Tiny Home Movement: Where It’s at & Where It’s Heading

New Year, Fresh Excitement: Tiny Home Movement Status Hello Friends, Happy New Year! My name is Alaska, aka the Tiny House Concierge. If you're just tuning in, I'm a writer...
granny flats_adus

Granny Flats Not Just for Your Gran! Advantages of ADUs

Make the Most of Your Backyard You might be familiar with the term granny flats or mother-in-law suites. Did you know that's a kind ADU? It is also known as...
Buying a Tiny House_5 Factors to Consider_

Buying a Tiny House? 5 Factors to Consider

If you want to go tiny: consider house type, your needs & budget, and more... Are you thinking of buying a tiny house? Tiny living is an adjustment that isn't...
clever tiny house_slow travel lifestyle

Couple’s Clever Tiny House Enables Slow Travel Lifestyle

Flexible jobs, flexible home = adventure of a lifetime Meet Matt and Logan; they travel with their 24' clever tiny house every few months, thanks to flexible jobs. Logan works...
top tiny houses of 2021

Top Tiny Houses of 2021

What's your favorite tour from our top tiny houses of 2021 list? 2021 has been one heck of a roller coaster! I don't know about you, but sometimes shutting out...
Custom Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Her Custom Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Living life on her own terms & loving tiny home life! Meet Terri, an empty nester living in her tiny house with a main level bedroom. It's custom-built to suit...
Reflections on My First Year Living Tiny

Reflections on My First Year Living Tiny

What was easy, what was hard, and what I never could have anticipated. Hello Friends, it's nice to talk with you again! If we haven't met, my name is Alaska,...
living simple benefits

Tiny House Life: 3 Benefits of Living Simply

If the last 18 months have taught us anything as a society, it may be the benefits of living a more simple life. Without the daily commute to work or...
She Manifested Her Childhood Dream Tiny Home

She Manifested Her Childhood Dream Tiny Home

It's paid off & she's living her best life! Meet Tyshae, a 32-year-old who has been manifesting her dream tiny home since seeing her first THOW at age twelve. After...
tiny house Christmas celebrations

Inside Tiny House Christmas Celebrations

Sharing Holiday Cheer from the Tiny Home World Have you wondered what a tiny house Christmas is like? The truth is it doesn't look much different than anyone else. However,...
family 3-bedroom tiny house

Family of 4 in 3-Bedroom Tiny House

One of the Best Family Tiny Homes We've Seen! Meet the Schraubs, a family of four living in a 36-foot three-bedroom tiny house. Finding the right design was crucial because...
The Top Benefits of Tiny House Living

The Top Benefits of Tiny House Living

Are you ready to move toward a minimalist lifestyle? If so, you have several options. You can reduce clutter, improve overconsumption habits, and invest in a smaller home. The top...