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Tiny Home Communities & Parking

Across North America

With more and more people living tiny, the need for parking is at all-time high. The desire for community living is on the rise too. Across the nation, more than a dozen cities have become officially tiny-home friendly and communities of tiny homes are cropping up, of varying legal status—everything from intimate backyard co-ops and eco-villages to resort style developments.

Featured Tiny House Community

Find Your Ideal Tiny Home Community

Tiny home communities come in several different types, each catering to a different crowd and addressing a different need. Explore the tiny home communities that we have visited during our extensive exploration of the movement.

Finding Your Ideal Tiny Home Community

With more and more people going tiny, the need for parking is at an all-time high. The desire for tiny house community parking is on…

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Life in a Tiny Home Community, the Low-Down

After visiting over 30 tiny house communities we have learned that there’s much more to tiny living than minimalism. A few years ago, almost no…

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Tiny Home Community Variables:

Intended only for moveable tiny houses, aka tiny house on wheels, but often a combination of THOWs and tiny houses on foundation, park models & RVs

Include DIY built tiny homes and/or professionally built & manufactured

Rentals—offers lot rentals and/or a selection of tiny house rentals (short or long term)

Lifestyle Choice - Created for those who've downsized by choice

Created for low-income housing, including full-time, part-time and/or transitional housing

Legal status— permitted and zoned specifically for tiny houses, zoned for RVs, sanctioned by the city as a pilot project or under the radar. See our docu-series Living Tiny Legally to learn more.

Tiny House Parking - Rural, Urban & Suburban

How To Find Tiny House Parking

What You Need to Know

For anyone looking to leap into tiny house living, the age-old question is always, “where can I park?” The truth is there are more options available than most realize, in and outside of community settings.

Explore the world of tiny house parking with us, from identifying your parking needs, how to find your ideal spot and the legalities you need to be aware of, everything in between.

Tiny House Parking 101

What do you need be aware of when looking for tiny house parking? Start here. For anyone looking to leap into going tiny, the age-old question is always, “where can I park?” The uncertainty, even…

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Further Reading - Communities & Parking

A Groundbreaking Zoning Ordinance for Tiny House Communities

A Tale of Zoning Happily Ever After Once upon a time in the small, forward-thinking city of Rockledge, Florida, some of the most progressive tiny housing…

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Coffee with Community-Makers: Tiny Houses Greensboro

A poignant conversation about a non-profit’s mission to create a tiny house community for those most in need. Warm, funny and patient: my initial impressions…

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