Tiny House Life: 3 Benefits of Living Simply

If the last 18 months have taught us anything as a society, it may be the benefits of living a more simple life. Without the daily commute to work or the need to be in an office all day, many of us found ourselves settling into a slower and more natural pace, which has allowed…

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The Top Benefits of Tiny House Living

Are you ready to move toward a minimalist lifestyle? If so, you have several options. You can reduce clutter, improve overconsumption habits, and invest in a smaller home. The top benefits of tiny house living can encompass all of these options and more. But if you need to ditch the mortgage on your existing home…

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Family’s 5th Wheel Renovation to Create Gorgeous Tiny Home

5th Wheel RV Renovation

Gorgeous Tiny Home RV Renovation Joy and Austin decided to pursue a 5th wheel renovation enabling them to own a home to help save for the future and provide a better environment for their young son, Elliot. Fortunately for them, their parent’s offered them a parking spot on their wooded land where they live outside…

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Tiny Wonders: 5 Advantages of Living in a Tiny Home

Less is more in so many ways. For the past few years, the idea of living in a tiny home has garnered a lot of attention from individuals who want to move out of their family house, start living independently or finally own their own home. For some, this may seem impossible, but the growing…

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Solo Black Woman Van Life as Self Care

solo black woman van life

Meet Claudia, an amazingly resilient woman who designed and built an incredible van conversion as her traveling tiny home. She shares insights into her experience on the road as a solo Black female—from the troubling racist realities to inspiring side effects of living an off-grid, self-reliant way of life. While living life on the road…

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