Inside Tiny House Christmas Celebrations

Sharing Holiday Cheer from the Tiny Home World Have you wondered what a tiny house Christmas is like? The truth is it doesn’t look much different than anyone else. However, holiday celebrations are often on a smaller scale than the average household. Some folks also have a more environmentally friendly take on the season. We…

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How to Celebrate the Holidays without Turning Your Dream Tiny Home into a Tiny Tinsel Nightmare

celebrating the holidays in a tiny home

Celebrating Christmas in a Tiny Home…the Sane Way! Hello, Friends! It’s your Tiny House Concierge popping in to talk about how we can celebrate the holidays without turning our Tiny Dream Homes into Tiny Tinsel Nightmares.  If you’re anything like me, historically, you’ve celebrated the holidays by procrastinating until the last second and then spending way…

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