Our Original Tiny House Travels BY THE NUMBERS

  • 16 National Parks Visited

  • 75,000 Visitors (approx) in our Tiny Home

  • 30 Tiny Home Communities Visited

  • 35+ Hosted / Participated in Community Events

Tiny House Travel

Do you wonder what is it like to travel with a Tiny Home?

It’s not every day you see a house traveling 55-65 miles per hour down the road.  For us, traveling with our tiny house on wheels is truly an extraordinary experience.

Each highway trip feels like an adventure and a bit like a parade. There are always delightful reactions from fellow travelers, occasional honks, waves, and picture taking.

Beware: Excited drivers are a dangerous towing hazard.
Our big tiny house travel takeaways:
  • A comfy ticket to adventure that can be done safely
  • It's heartwarming spreading smiles and starting conversations wherever we go
  • A delightful way to meet people and make friends

Tiny living is your ticket to adventure! From nomadic living, towing how-to’s to traveling to experience tiny houses in cool locales, we've got you covered. KEEP scrolling!

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Tiny House Towing 101

A tiny house on wheels is a comfy ticket to adventure. Right? With the proper planning, it definitely can be.…

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Learn from our tiny house travel experience, 55,000 miles, and counting. We have learned so much about how to do it confidently and safely. You can do it, too! Looking to move your tiny house or take a road trip? 

Food for Thought: Most tiny house dwellers only move their home 1-3x ever, for big life changes. No matter how often you hit the road, you need to be prepared to do it safely.

Inside Our Nomadic Tiny House Life

Travel to Experience Tiny Homes: Getaways & Festivals

To enjoy tiny house travel, you don't need to bring a home on wheels.

Take a road trip or book a flight, to a tiny getaway across the US and around the world. From hotels, rentals to festivals, there’s nothing like experiencing a tiny space in-person to appreciate the clever variety of designs and to better understand the hype. Leave knowing if tiny living is right for you!

Tours of Tiny Getaways

Top Tiny House Festivals