Introducing This Tiny Journey Podcast

Listen to This Tiny Journey Podcast for firsthand experience & insights from Alexis – another Alexis 😉 Every so often we come across a tiny house person on social media who makes us smile so much through their joy, authenticity, and inspiring perspective. Alexis Monkhouse is one of those people. Good news! In addition to…

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Permitted Expanding Tiny Home for Solo Mom

Meet solo mom Reggie who went tiny to help create a smooth transition out of divorce for herself and her teenage daughter while becoming a homeowner. Her expanding tiny home is a custom design built by Mint Tiny Homes. Impressively, this 36-foot long farmhouse-inspired tiny house features two bump-outs—one in the living room and one…

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Single Mom’s Tiny Home: Ideal for Life Transition

single mom tiny home

Inside a single mom’s tiny home shows how simple living allows her to focus on what matters most to her.  Meet Shannen, a strong woman and mother to two boys, and Mangus, their English Bulldog. She built her tiny house with her soon-to-be ex-husband for about $45k. But when they separated, Shannen subsequently moved her…

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