Granny Flats Not Just for Your Gran! Advantages of ADUs

Make the Most of Your Backyard You might be familiar with the term granny flats or mother-in-law suites. Did you know that’s a kind ADU? It is also known as an accessory dwelling unit, often a foundation-based tiny home. However, a tiny house on wheels (THOWs) can be one. Nowadays, eco-friendly housing solutions are on…

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Maker’s Plant-Filled Tiny Home ADU with Studio

tiny home ADU

Denise Bayron is a multi-talented maker living in a tiny home ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Oakland, California. She is a knitwear designer and sewing patternmaker with a knack for small space design. By creating zones, Denise organized her layout into distinct areas, maximizing efficiency and aesthetics. Yet her foundation-based tiny house still feels open…

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