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San Luis Obispo, CA APPROVES Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

The Ripple Effect of Tiny House Acceptance Continues Across California San Luis Obispo becomes the second California city to approve movable tiny houses, aka tiny houses on wheels, as accessory dwelling units. In effect as of March 5, 2019. Apply HERE. They follow in Fresno’s footsteps, as documented in Living Tiny Legally, Part 1. This is…

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Lyons, CO Approves Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

9 THOW Permits NOW Available in Lyons, CO Tiny houses first came to Lyons, a charming little city in Boulder County, by way of the WeeCasa tiny house hotel. Shortly after, local advocates and a new city planner recognized them as an opportunity to increase affordable housing stock. Simblissity Tiny Homes was one of the…

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Online DEBUT of “Living Tiny Legally, Part 2”

An Educational Documentary + Resource for Tiny House Advocates and Policy Makers YOUR guide for making legal, full-time tiny house living a reality in YOUR community! “Gave me goosebumps. Never thought building code revisions could be so gripping.” — Kevin Polk, Makes A Village The much-anticipated next installment of the Living Tiny Legally documentary series recently debuted…

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