6 Tips to Help You Find a Roofer to Work on Your Tiny House

DIY building? Hiring a roofer could be worth it… Roofing is already expensive and challenging enough and the complexity increases when we are talking about tiny homes. It took us an entire month to install our stand and seam metal roof! So if you are looking to save time and heartache of mistakes in this…

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What You Need to Know About Roofing a Tiny House

tiny house roofing

Intro to roofing your tiny house Roofing a tiny house is more complicated than it seems. Since the house is small, the roof’s outlook defines its character, keeps the rain away, and absorbs most of the excessive heat or cold. It would help if you considered all facets before roofing your tiny house. Here are…

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Roofing Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid For Your Tiny Home

Reduce long-term maintenance needs with tiny home roofing done right the first time. Building a tiny house is a big trend for many young people today, as well as those approaching retirement. The demand for these homes is increasing, as they’re cheaper and easier to maintain than a traditional house. Tiny houses may have small…

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