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5 Reasons Metal Roofing is the Most Beneficial for Your Tiny House

Metal roofing for your tiny house is sooo worth it!

The tiny house movement continues to flourish as more people are looking to downsize their homes or reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you are already living in a tiny home or are interested, there are many ways to reduce your ecological impact further.

Did you know one of these is converting to metal roofing?

Yup, you heard it right. Another easy way you can live sustainably is getting rid of those asphalt shingles for good and installing brand-new metal over your head.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons a metal roof is a beneficial investment for your tiny home and the environment.

metal roofing
Christian working on our tiny house stand and seam metal roof

1. It's Energy Efficient

A metal roof will reflect the sunlight in a hot climate to keep your home cool during the summer. In the winter or cold climates, the insulation will keep the heat inside.

As a result, metal material lowers your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy you waste. You'll also save money each month, as less energy waste means lower utility bills.

Metal roofing is also 100% recyclable and costs less energy to produce, making it the most sustainable roofing material to choose compared to shingles, tile, etc.

2. It's Long Lasting

Are you sick of dealing with asphalt shingles falling off your home and calling a repair service for replacement? According to these Michigan metal roofing experts, the lifespan of metal roofing is upwards of 50 years, so that you can look forward to many years without intensive maintenance.

In comparison, shingled roofs are only expected to last 15-20 years. So why go with a difficult and short-lived material when you could choose a metal option that lasts three times as long, like steel?

3. It's Lightweight

Your choice of roof impacts how quickly the infrastructure of your home breaks down. Any damage that your roof endures will put pressure on the structure below it, pushing down on the foundation and eventually reducing structural integrity. However, metal reduces this concern because it's lightweight.

A standard asphalt roof weighs twice as much as a metal roof. Enjoy a stronger foundation and less potential for serious home repairs with a steel or aluminum metal roof.

4. It's Resistant to Algae and Mold

The lack of a porous surface makes it difficult for algae and mold to grow on metal. Rainwater and snow easily run off the exterior, preventing the collection of standing water.

With proper ventilation, the growth of any unwanted vegetation will not stand a chance, especially in humid climates. Even with constant exposure to the elements, a metal roof will remain stain and streak-free.

5. It's Weather Resistant

Every homeowner fears getting caught in a storm. It inevitably raises anxiety over any potential damage from the weather, especially to the roof.

However, metal's high wind resistance will lower stress during intense storms. Strong metal panels can endure the impact of hail and other debris your home will inevitably encounter.

A small space can raise the dangers of a devastating fire. However, non-combustible material such as aluminum eliminates the threat of the roof caving in if an interior fire were to occur.

Metal Roofing Bottom Line

Metal roofing is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and money-saving, so it's really suited for tiny homeowners. You'll also enjoy the benefits of greater storm and water damage resistance due to metal's strength.

If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle with your tiny home and make an investment that lasts, we think metal is the way to go.

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