Treehouse Vibes! Her Tiny House in the Trees

Meet Jenny, a longtime tiny home enthusiast who grew up around treehouses. She's dreamed of having one of her own since childhood. Many years later, she made it happen! Her tiny house in the trees is nestled into the hilly landscape behind her historic farmhouse. She uses it as a personal retreat, for visiting family, and as an inspirational showcase for others.

"I have to say what brings me the most joy is sometimes I sit on the couch and I say to my family, can you believe that the dream came true? It's sometimes hard for me to take in that this is mine. I own it. I paid cash for it. I worked hard to achieve it. And I'm really proud of myself.

I just believe that the time is now. If you have a dream, don't put it off because tomorrow will never be better than today. So why not start it today? Write it down, journal it, and know what your dream is. Put it on paper. Even if it doesn't happen for ten years or 20 years, put it down on paper because we have to make a plan for dreams to come true.

We're starting tiny house tours. Part of that is that we will be bathing in the forest and also in the tiny house.

Forest bathing is a Japanese practice of walking through and being in one with nature. It's very healthy—different health benefits. And when you're here at the tiny house, you will feel that same effect. It is the most peaceful place you will ever be. And I want to share that with other people. I don't want it to be something-- a gift I keep to myself. I want it to be a gift I give others."

-Jenny, @207tinyhouse at Out of My Gourd Farm

Inside Her Treehouse-like Tiny House in the Trees

When Jenny decided to kick off her "treehouse" build, she hired local Amish builders to construct a tiny cabin shell. Once complete, it was moved onto her farm property and placed on top of a giant boulder. The rock is a 60-foot-long granite formation. Jenny then finished out the interior by herself.

Jenny created a treehouse aesthetic by perching the tiny house on the boulder nestled into a hillside. You feel nestled in the woods when you look out the many large windows. The elevated wraparound deck built around two large pine trees amplifies that vibe.

Her tiny house is 435 square feet. It's 14 by 18 feet with 10-foot tall walls that give it a spacious feeling. An eight-by-six bump-out for the bedroom nook makes it look much bigger. Overall, Jenny balanced a cozy cabin ambiance with an open layout to create an uplifting design that feels intimately connected to the natural surroundings.

Jenny used a mixture of new and old items for construction and decor. This allowed her to save money but also to create a character-rich interior design. All the lumber was locally sourced from a nearby mill. She sourced many recycled items, like windows and a beautiful old farmhouse sink.

The Cost

With low lumber prices pre-pandemic and low-cost scores, Jenny's tiny house cost around $25,000. However, it currently does not have running water. She hauls in a large glass jug of spring water for drinking and dishes. Further, the bathroom features a waterless toilet. Jenny plans to install an outdoor shower very soon.

A touch of rustic charm makes Jenny's tiny house in the trees seem more like an off-grid treehouse escape from reality! Follow the @207TinyHouse to learn about in-person tour opportunities.

Watch the Tour of her "Treehouse" Tiny Cabin!

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