Routt County, CO Approves Tiny House Building Code

Update 3/1/19: Routt County Adopts IRC Tiny House Appendix Q

As a big step toward allowing their first tiny house on foundation community, Routt County adopted the IRC Appendix Q. Additionally, they also released an informational handout about how to gain a building permit and planning/zoning considerations for various forms of tiny housing.

Local advocate and founder of the Routt County Tiny House Collective, Emily Gerde offers this excellent advice for beginning the advocacy process in where you live:

Local Advocates, Routt County Tiny House Collective

"The first step in your #legalizetiny process is to find out what your city and counties current view is on tiny homes. Search zoning and planning and look for minimum square footage, ADU policy, and they may even have tiny home language you can search.

You can try emailing them directly, although in my experience they send you straight to their website with no details. You can also try doing some research on your city council members and commissioners and find out which ones are most likely to be empathetic to affordable/attainable housing and/or sustainability and /or urban development.

Happy Searching! Remember your city and county will have very different opinions on the subject so seek out both!"

2/21/19: Join local advocates to show your support tiny houses at a Routt County Planning Commission meeting.

They are considering a proposed tiny house community, a planned unit development (PUD) by Micro Living LLC. Routt County is home to resort town, Steamboat Springs. DETAILS available here.