Tiny House Expedition Sponsorship Program

Meet Our Generous Partners and Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful for our generous documentary and build sponsors! Each sponsor has become a vibrant part of our story. We couldn't do it without them.   Interested in becoming a sponsor of Tiny House Expedition?   A variety of sponsorship levels are available. 

Think BIG Sponsors

Think BIG Sponsor: UHAUL

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U-Haul, a sustainable moving & towing tiny house resource… they generously provide us with a box truck to haul our tiny house on wheels all across the United States and Canada. Their 17′ and 20′ box trucks provide an excellent DIY towing vehicle option for those who only plan to move their tiny house occasionally–…


Build Small Sponsor: Triad Corrugated Metal

Triad Corrugated Metal provided the beautiful… …crowning jewel of our tiny house, an ivy green stand & seam metal roof! Swoon. Premium roofing that’s basically maintenance free. . Our trip to their warehouse was so exciting, incredible machines & craftsmanship. We were amazed at the many vibrant colors available & kinds of metal roofing they…

Build Small Sponsor: Dow Building Solutions

Thank you Dow Building Solutions… …. for the donated froth-paks! This is top-of-the-line closed cell spray foam, perfect for our traveling tiny house on wheels. Our energy efficiency is maximized. Great for all climates & severe temperature changes. Did we mention that it adds structural integrity & muffles sounds (a little extra privacy) too? We…

Build Small Sponsor: Millenium Fund

The Millennium Fund generously awarded us… …with a grant to fund our community event, Tiny House Expedition on the Green, a tiny house community showcase, pop-up park & party. This event brought together a diverse cross-section of the Winston-Salem community, approximately 3,000 in attendance, for a day of fun and day of thought-provoking conversations about…

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