Her Two Tiny Houses Connected by a Deck

two tiny houses connected by a deck

Tiny House Living Led to Rental Business Meet Debby, owner of two tiny houses connected by a deck and a THOW next door, all located next to each other in the Arizona White Mountains. After her initial experience living tiny, she discovered her joy for designing small spaces. Now Debby shares them on Airbnb, providing…

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Her Custom Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Living life on her own terms & loving tiny home life! Meet Terri, an empty nester living in her tiny house with a main level bedroom. It’s custom-built to suit her perfectly, which it does. Preparing to live it by drastically downsizing liberated her, helping her see what’s truly essential in her life. Curating her…

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She Manifested Her Childhood Dream Tiny Home

It’s paid off & she’s living her best life! Meet Tyshae, a 32-year-old who has been manifesting her dream tiny home since seeing her first THOW at age twelve. After years of planning, she achieved her goal and worked with Indigo River Tiny Homes to bring her vision to life. The result is a beautiful, light &…

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