Her Custom Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Living life on her own terms & loving tiny home life!

Meet Terri, an empty nester living in her tiny house with a main level bedroom. It's custom-built to suit her perfectly, which it does. Preparing to live it by drastically downsizing liberated her, helping her see what's truly essential in her life. Curating her belongings, of course, is a big part of that. But more than that, simplifying enabled her to focus on her lifestyle goals—peaceful country life and preparing for travel adventures during retirement.

Terri found an excellent tiny home community parking spot at Tiny Lots on the Prairie in Decatur, Texas. It's quiet and laid back, which she loves. There she enjoys sunsets with wine and entertaining guests in her large outdoor living room. Lot rent is quite reasonable too. She pays $450 per month, including water, WiFi, a pad with tie-downs, and storm shelter access.

"I plan to stay here, and I plan to retire in five to six years and enjoy my house and stay in my house. And my family is close. I plan to travel.

I don't have any plans to move out of my house unless you know Prince Charming walks by and knocks on my door. But I don't see that happening; I prefer he doesn't. I'd rather stay in my tiny house and come and go as I please. I'm very comfortable in my house; I love my house."

-Terri, on her future plans

Inside Her Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Terri chose a tiny house with a main floor bedroom for long-term comfortable living as she moves towards retirement. It's a true master, too, with an adjoining bathroom. The walls don't go all the way to the ceiling, which allows for optimized airflow.

She planned her 32-foot home on wheels around what she most loves with the help of her builder, Indigo River Tiny Homes. Top on her list was a large area rug. This dictated the layout of the living room. A darling barista table was another must. The builder cut it in half and mounted it on the wall to make it work.

While Terri downsized tremendously, she is what you might call a "maximalist." Everything she owns brings her joy, comfort, or fulfills a need. And she loves it! It's a great reminder that there are many approaches to tiny house living. What matters most is staying true to yourself.

Watch the tour of her custom tiny home to see more!


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