She Manifested Her Childhood Dream Tiny Home

It's paid off & she's living her best life!

Meet Tyshae, a 32-year-old who has been manifesting her dream tiny home since seeing her first THOW at age twelve. After years of planning, she achieved her goal and worked with Indigo River Tiny Homes to bring her vision to life. The result is a beautiful, light & airy 32-foot tiny house. It cost $85,000, and as she puts it, paying for quality was 100% worth it. And now, it's all but paid off!

"My 12-year-old self would be very, very happy, satisfied, and excited. I tell Peter this every time I see him, that I'm still pinching myself day to day to kind of be sure it's happening. Because the way that I saw this as 12 years old is literally here, it's just amazing how powerful the mind is, is what I say.

Overall, I would just really encourage people if they are thinking about this lifestyle, even if it is just minimizing yourself in general. I would just encourage people to really think about your wants vs. needs. Whether you do decide to go tiny, maybe want to go to an RV or van life, who knows.

But a lot of people get caught up in the money and the price. And I know for me just personally, if I had known at 12 years old that my house would cost $85,000, I would have been like, "no, Mommy & Daddy, that's ok." My parents are very, very good at saying don't worry about the money it's gonna be there when you need it.

I tell people just literally think about what you want, not what you don't want, to happen no matter what it is. Then that energy itself will give you what you need and literally pave the way for what you want, and it just kind of comes to you a lot easier.

So basically, don't focus on the bad so much focus on the good things. And don't compare yourself to the next person. Life will be a lot easier for you if you do."

-Tyshae, @n_my_zone_

Inside Her Dream Tiny Home

Tyshae's dream tiny home is 375 square feet on a 32-foot trailer. A top priority for her was lots of light, so the house is chock full of windows. Impressively, in the living room, you can appreciate the views and sun from both sides. The stairwell goes up on one side of this space. But instead of a solid wall, a large section was removed, providing ventilation and light throughout.

Another dream come true for Tyshae is the ability to run her small holistic health and fitness business from home—with virtual and in-person offerings. The openness of her tiny house, along with a flexible layout and large attached storage shed, allow her to host exercise and massage sessions.

Tyshae relishes living in a community where so many others live healthy, more balanced lifestyles like her. She is yet another wonderful resident of the  Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village.

Watch the tour of her dream tiny home to see more!


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Their Neighbors at Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village

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