Reflections on My First Year Living Tiny

What was easy, what was hard, and what I never could have anticipated. Hello Friends, it’s nice to talk with you again! If we haven’t met, my name is Alaska, aka the Tiny House Concierge. I’m a writer, a realtor, and a millennial, who couldn’t take the idea of spending my one, beautiful life in…

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How to Celebrate the Holidays without Turning Your Dream Tiny Home into a Tiny Tinsel Nightmare

celebrating the holidays in a tiny home

Celebrating Christmas in a Tiny Home…the Sane Way! Hello, Friends! It’s your Tiny House Concierge popping in to talk about how we can celebrate the holidays without turning our Tiny Dream Homes into Tiny Tinsel Nightmares.  If you’re anything like me, historically, you’ve celebrated the holidays by procrastinating until the last second and then spending way…

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Life in a Tiny Home Community, the Low-Down

After visiting over 30 tiny house communities we have learned that there’s much more to tiny living than minimalism. A few years ago, almost no one had even heard of a tiny house. But now? Across the nation, more than a dozen cities have become officially tiny-home friendly and 50-plus communities of tiny homes have…

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