28-ft Tiny House for Sale in California

Is this tiny house for sale in California ideal for you? The one constant in life is change. So the time has come for seminary graduate Melissa Irene to put up her 28-ft tiny house for sale in California, Pasadena, to be precise. She built it and lived in it since 2019. But now it’s…

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10′ Wide Tiny House for Sale + Incredible Extras!

Could this luxury 10′ wide tiny house for sale be ideal for you? Parking spot & guest house included! You might recognize this 10′ wide tiny house for sale. We met Debby last year when we filmed a tour of this lovely spacious home with a small guest house connected by a deck. After falling…

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40′ Tiny Home RV for Sale for $45k

renovated 5th wheel RV

Could this beautifully renovated 5th wheel tiny home RV for sale be perfect for you?? Joy and Austin renovated a 2013 Keystone Sprinter fifth-wheel RV for simple, affordable living with their young son. Impressively, they transformed their small space from dark and clunky into a bright, stylish, and cozy tiny home. They lived in it…

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How to Sell Your Tiny House Fast

Looking for guidance on how to sell your tiny house? In recent years, there has been a definite trend amongst a significant number of house buyers that ‘less is more and more people are now embracing a minimalistic way of life incorporating a smaller environmental footprint. A tiny house is defined as a dwelling with…

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Retired Couple’s 20′ Tiny Home for Sale

tiny home for sale

Happy Pride Month 2021! We’re delighted to share Peggy and Colleen’s story from Tiny Tranquility on the Oregon coast. They love downsized living in a community setting, where they want to age in place. Their 20′ tiny home is for sale, but not because they don’t enjoy the lifestyle. However, they’ve realized that a 24-foot…

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Adorable Handcrafted Tiny House for Sale

Could this character-rich 153 sqft tiny house for sale be your dream home? After a well-loved life together, owner Karissa has made a big decision to sell her beautiful handcrafted tiny home. She built it with her father back in 2016. It’s chock full of artistic features, like salvage metal, angled beetle kill pine walls…

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