Call-To-Action: Tiny House Ordinance Proposed in SE Minnesota

Attend the October Planning & Zoning Meeting in Oronoco, Minnesota

Local American Tiny House Association Chapter Leader, Cheri Beth Roshon needs your help.

At the upcoming Oronoco P&Z meeting, she will help draft a movable tiny house zoning ordinance. In preparation, she is asking local advocates to support this effort by sharing the demand for secure tiny house placement and by attending the meeting.

"Who lives close enough to Oronoco to want to commit to living in a community as soon as the ordinance is passed? I need solid facts to let the P & Z committee know that we are in NEED of places to park, and that there are enough people who will be willing to support a community.

The meeting is on the 10th, so I need feedback before then to submit to the powers that be. If you are interested in being in on this, please email me at [email protected] with your name and contact info so I can show the township that we have people who need parking, and are willing to commit.

Put Tiny Community in the subject line, and let me know whether to count you in anonymously, or present your name to the committee.

Thanks for helping us to get this going!"