Vintage-Inspired Tiny House, From Empty Nest to New Business

You don't have to give up what you love to go tiny.

Meet Michelle Boyle. She's a smart, independent tiny house dweller and entrepreneur.

Michelle's tiny home is an investment in herself after becoming an empty nester when two kids left home. Not surprisingly, the name of Michelle's blog is My Tiny Empty Nest.

She designed her tiny house around her passions. It is a beautiful space with vintage flair and ample storage for her expansive shoe collection. Also, to accommodate her cat’s needs, her tiny house on wheels features a catwalk to the kitty loft. 

Michelle enjoyed designing her tiny home so much that it inspired her to build another one (and then two more!). She has now launched a tiny house rental business as both a creative outlet and a parachute out of the corporate world. Ultimately, it is her retirement income plan. 

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