How to Find and Buy Land for Your Tiny House

Finding a place to park your tiny home legally is important. Keep reading for how to find land to meet your needs.

We all want a little place to call our own. When it comes to tiny homes, we tend to take that ‘little’ description literally. But downsizing your home doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing all the work that goes with being a homeowner, especially if you want your own land.

Before you can settle into your new minimal lifestyle, you want to consider parking or placement, depending on the kind of tiny house. Do you dream of owning your own land? Finding the ideal plot can be quite difficult. There can be many factors to keep in mind and many obstacles to weather.

Going into the search with knowledge on your side can greatly increase your chances of quick success. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the key considerations about finding land for your tiny house. And be sure to watch the video at the end for a look at restrictions to be aware of and potential unexpected costs.


Determining Your Needs

Before you can start the process of looking outward, you need to look inward. Good advice for both land hunting and life in general.

Set some time aside and quiz yourself on what you’re looking for in the land you want to purchase. For example, how much of it do you need? Try to get it down to a fairly precise acreage range.

If you’re not sure how much space you’ll need it can be helpful to make a list of everything you expect to have on your land. Look at the size of your tiny home plans, of course.

But don’t forget to think about room for any other things you want. Are you going to have any animals or livestock? Do you have plans for a garden? What about a driveway? What kind of room will you need for your driveway paving?

Making sure you make a list of all considerations can ensure you get enough space for your dream land or homestead to be a reality.

You might even realize that you’re not yet sure what you want your plan to be. And that’s okay! It can take some time to figure these things out. But the time to do this is definitely prior to beginning the search for land.

Having all these things locked down can help to save you time and money later on.


Determine the Area You Want To Live

Everyone’s familiar with that famous saying: location, location, location. Despite what your wishes may be, you can’t live just anywhere. For more on the legal obstacles, watch our docu-series, Living Tiny Legally.

When finding land, make sure you’re considering the proximity of the land to places you’ll need to get to frequently. How much of a commute can you stomach to work each day? Be honest with yourself or you’ll regret the decision later on.

Don’t feel like you need to live in the trendy new area of town. In fact, high land cost will likely not allow that anyway. These places often have lots of restrictive zoning rules and competition and are less than ideal for new buyers. The more flexible you’ll allow yourself to be in terms of location, the more likely you’ll find some land that feels perfect for your future tiny homestead.


How To Find Land For Your Tiny House

Transitioning to a tiny house can be an exciting time, especially when coupled with the dream of creating a personal homestead or a tiny home community. But the more complex the dream, the more work that is involved. Doing the above tasks can help you be better prepared to find the right land to put your new home on.


Watch the below video for tips and crucial considerations for parking your tiny house on wheels on your own land, from zoning to infrastructure. The total cost of land involves much more than just the dirt.

Caution: your dream land bubble may be burst after watching this...