New Exciting German Modular Tiny Homes!

Do you want to live tiny without sacrificing the luxuries that make it comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint? Meet BLOXS modular tiny homes. Founder Thomas brings his premium German auto industry experience to modular house building. The result: stylish, sustainable, space-efficient, and durable houses. Impressively, these all meet strict German building codes!

"The idea of BLOXS came from a special situation because, in Germany, it's pretty hard to find a building plot. But when coming to a typical German community or village, there are always some empty plots. Sure, these plots are not for sale. But they are owned by anybody, probably a neighbor.

So they hold the plot, but they will not build a house on it because they will give it to their son in 15 or 20 years, something like this, which means for the next 15 or 20 years, nothing will be built on the plot.

And that's where the idea of BLOXS came from: to make a high-class, premium product that works with all German standards and to give these customers the opportunity to put a high-quality house on it, which is manufactured completely and brought to the plot on a big truck and installed within hours. And then he can rent it.

So he can earn money for the next 15 or 20 years. And then if he is giving the plot to his son in 20 years, then he can take the BLOXS and sell it."

-BLOXS founder, Thomas

Inside BLOXS Modular Tiny Homes

Germany-based company BLOXS produces premium modular homes in their factory. Once ready, these modular homes are brought to building sites on trucks and assembled quickly. Their modular tiny home prototype, the BLOXS Living 30, is the perfect example of how small homes can offer a spacious living area.

With dimensions of 9m x 3.45m, it has a small footprint of only 24 sqm (260 sqft). The floor plan includes distinct zones—a combined living/sleeping room, a bathroom, and a hidden utility room. The large operable windows of the BLOXS Living 30 model double the indoor space onto terraces. This makes the modular tiny home appear much larger from the inside.



A discreet built-in wall unit runs along most of one side of the tiny home. It adds much multifunctionality to the primary living space while maintaining a clean interior design. With a simple tug, a section of the wall pulls down to reveal a queen bed that sits over the comfy sofa. A storage cabinet and a small wardrobe are also stowed on either side of the seating area.

Further down the wall unit, a hidden dining area can be folded down. It reveals a table that can seat four. This area can also be turned into a sleeping area, with a bed that folds down from the wall. Importantly, BLOXS offers a variety of transforming, multifunctional furniture to maximize the livability of a small space.

Perhaps some of the most exciting features of the BLOXS are not visible. For example, the newer models are built with cross-laminated timber (CLT). This highly sustainable material makes it an excellent choice for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint. CLT is more robust than steel and eliminates the problem of thermal bridging with steel construction, making for a more comfortable interior that needs less heating and cooling. In other words, it's a win-win situation.



Apart from CLT, other intriguing green features are also included in all models, like radiant floor heating. This type of heating system is energy-efficient and allows for better air quality in the home. It's one of three heating systems included in BLOXS modular homes. Second, an impressive computer-controlled solar air heater on the rooftop helps to passively heat the home while also improving indoor air quality with fresh air. This helps you save on energy bills. Lastly, a mini-split heat pump provides both heating and air conditioning.

By the way, all these systems are connected to a smart home hub. So each can be programmed, monitored, and controlled with a smartphone. A wall-mounted display panel in the tiny home provides an additional way to do this.

Further, the company is committed to designing modular homes with bi-directional charging or "vehicle to grid" in mind. This means that electric vehicle charging can go both ways, which is impressive in times of reduced energy generation. An EV plugged into the BLOXS house can actually deliver energy back into the grid. This innovative feature sets the company apart from others in the tiny home category.


solar heating & ventilation


BLOXS modular tiny homes are built to be customizable. Customers can use the company's impressive online 3D configurator to design their own unique home. The smallest studio-style model goes for about $161,500, while the largest two-bedroom unit costs about $323,000. All the features mentioned here are already included in the price, which is fantastic. Although their homes are priced on the higher side, their quality and durability justify the price tag.

Their premium tiny homes might be ideal for those looking for legally permittable, customizable, sustainable housing options with all the bells and whistles. Moreover, buying one could also be a great investment because it's an appreciating asset that can be relocated! So, if you dream of a minimalistic, luxurious life in a tiny home, consider BLOXS!

Watch a Tour of a BLOXS Modular Tiny Home!

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