Palm Bay, Florida Expected to Pass a Tiny Home Friendly Ordinance

City of Palm Bay Florida Expected to Pass Provisions for Tiny Homes in Planned Unit Developments & as ADUs

Importantly, the proposed easing of restrictions to allow for tiny home construction is directing at those on fixed foundation only, as of now. The effort to get far has been long fought. It's an effort to address the need for more housing in Palm Bay, especially more affordable housing.

"Over a year ago, we had a concerned resident speak before us on how her son needed an Accessory Dwelling Unity to live in on her property due to his disability. I also learned how much of an issue affordable housing is in Palm Bay. Our residents shared what they wanted and I am happy to announce that our council unanimously approved Tiny Homes.

These ordinances create a Special Planned Unit Development, allows for tiny homes in areas where the future land use is Multi Family, and allows for an attachable or detachable ADU in Single Family and Suburban Residential Estate Districts.

We had support from different communities, elected officials, but most importantly our residents who understand this is not a solution for all but for many, smaller families may now obtain smaller houses.

Final Reading: February 20th, 7pm"
-Councilman Kenny Johnson