Best Home Improvement Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you envious of large homes and the potential for exciting (though pricey) home improvements that come with them? Having a small home doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Small houses have many advantages, including a comfortable and cozy space that requires less maintenance. With small spaces, home improvements are about making the room…

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Maker’s Plant-Filled Tiny Home ADU with Studio

tiny home ADU

Denise Bayron is a multi-talented maker living in a tiny home ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Oakland, California. She is a knitwear designer and sewing patternmaker with a knack for small space design. By creating zones, Denise organized her layout into distinct areas, maximizing efficiency and aesthetics. Yet her foundation-based tiny house still feels open…

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4 Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating a Small Space

If you live in a small space of any kind, you know the challenge of decorating tiny rooms and limited available space. There are specific home decorating ideas and tips that will make decorating less of a challenge in these small or tiny homes. One of the biggest challenges is decorating a small space without…

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