Tiny Wonders: 5 Advantages of Living in a Tiny Home

Less is more in so many ways. For the past few years, the idea of living in a tiny home has garnered a lot of attention from individuals who want to move out of their family house, start living independently or finally own their own home. For some, this may seem impossible, but the growing…

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How My Tiny House Forced Me to be a Better Person

tiny house living

Guest post by Alaska Wagoner, The Tiny House Concierge Hello Friends,  Tiny House Expedition was kind enough to let me take over their blog this week to tell you the story of how my tiny house forced me to be a better person.   My name is Alaska, AKA, The Tiny House Concierge. I’m a writer,…

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Create A Minimalist-themed Tiny Home: 7 Doable Ways

Minimalist-themed tiny home ideas because simple is sophisticated and feels good. When you are single, living a life on your own terms, owning a house, and personalizing it according to your taste symbolizes independence and attainment. It doesn’t matter how big it is—a tiny house can be ideal. Owning one can make you feel in…

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A Guide to Living Big in a Tiny House

How to prepare for living big in a tiny house: where to begin You’ve watched countless TV episodes with families who live in tiny homes. Now, you’re ready to go tiny yourself! The tiny home craze has taken the world by storm and caused a huge boom in tiny home construction. A recent study found…

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Solo Black Woman Van Life as Self Care

solo black woman van life

Meet Claudia, an amazingly resilient woman who designed and built an incredible van conversion as her traveling tiny home. She shares insights into her experience on the road as a solo Black female—from the troubling racist realities to inspiring side effects of living an off-grid, self-reliant way of life. While living life on the road…

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German Family’s 26-Foot Tiny Home Life in US

26-foot tiny home

Meet Maria and Tino moved from Germany to the US for a job and decided to try out tiny house living. Their 26-foot tiny home is filled with creative storage solutions and lots of room for their new baby boy! Now they’re moving back to Germany to be closer to family, giving them an opportunity…

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