Tiny House Advocacy News

Tiny house advocacy is happening all over N. America and the world. Your help is needed to acceptance of tiny homes as dwellings! Here we share legalize tiny efforts, calls to action, and of course, victories.

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Fun fact: Tiny House Expedition serves on the board of both of these important nonprofits!

THIA is the leading national advocacy group, and ATHA is currently switching gears to help fund individual projects to get more people in legal tiny homes.

Tiny House Subdivision Comes to Bend, OR

Bend’s first tiny house subdivision, The Hiatus, is now open. It was developed by local tiny house builder, Tongue & Groove Homes. The community consists of 22 lots for 400-500…

Oregon Reach Code Creates Tiny House Building Guidelines

OR Reach Code with Alternative Building Standards for Tiny Houses, NOW In-Effect & Influencing Local Land Use Codes The new Oregon Reach Code is a voluntary set of standards with…

Lyons, CO Approves Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

9 THOW Permits NOW Available in Lyons, CO Tiny houses first came to Lyons, a charming little city in Boulder County, by way of the WeeCasa tiny house hotel. Shortly…

Grassroots advocates are working to legitimize tiny housing through educational initiatives and collaboration with local and state-level policymakers on common sense regulations. Their shared goal is to create more housing options to meet the needs of all residents.

Legal acceptance is critical for gaining access to financing, insurance and more secure placement of tiny homes. The biggest obstacles, restrictive zoning and building codes, are slowly but surely being overcome. To learn more, watch our docu-series, Living Tiny Legally.

-Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons, Creators of Living Tiny Legally