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Tiny House Advocacy News

Tiny house advocacy is happening all over the US (and world). Your help is needed to acceptance of tiny homes as dwellings! Here we share the latest legalize tiny efforts, calls to action, and of course, victories. Follow along to stay up-to-date on important news.

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Virginia Approves Tiny House Appendix

VA is Set to Adopt IRC Tiny House Appendix Q with Zero Opposition   Just a few years ago tiny house building code discussion was completely shut-down in Virginia. Now it looks like they’ll join other states like Massachusetts, California, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, and Georgia to adopt International Residential Code, Appendix Q for Tiny Houses…

Tiny House Appendix Approved in Massachusetts

MA Becomes 6th State to Adopt IRC Tiny House Appendix Q Massachusetts joins California, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, and Georgia to become one of the first states to adopt International Residential Code, Appendix Q for Tiny Houses. Also, other statewide adoption in the works include Washington and Florida. It provides a model building code for houses…

Tiny House Model Building Code Now Mandated Across ALL of California

IRC Tiny House Appendix Q to be Accepted in Every CA Jurisdiction , Effective 1/1/2020 The 2018 International Residential Code’s Appendix Q is an optional provision for state and local governments. It officially defines a tiny house and creates a construction code specific to the needs of building under 400 square feet. While this addresses…

Washington Passes Tiny House State Bill

Update 5/9/19: Governor Inslee Signs Tiny House Bill   After the Washington State Congress passed the historic tiny house bill, 95-0, Governor Inslee signed the bill into law.  Senate Bill 5383, sponsored by Senator Hans Zeiger, is far-reaching and multifaceted. Most importantly, it legitimizes THOWs as permanent dwellings.   “We all know of the need for more…

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Site Plan is Approved, Finally

Update 5/9/19: Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Site Plan is Officially Approved. Finally! The Lake Dallas City Council unanimously approved the site plan and amendments to the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Planned Development Ordinance! The council agreed to give us 24 months to install the landscaping sprinkler system. Thank you those who showed up…

Auburn, MA Votes to Allow THOWs as Caretaker ADUs

Update 5/8/19: Tiny House Zoning Bylaw Passes in Annual Town Meeting After a months-long and town-wide advocacy campaign, the town of Great Barrington approved an accessory dwelling unit zoning bylaw that includes movable tiny houses. Now it goes to the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, to be signed.The AG is anticipated to sign it, as she…

Great Barrington, MA Votes to Allow Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

Update 4/26/19: Tiny House Zoning Bylaw to be Voted on at Annual Town Meeting In support of the movable tiny houses zoning amendment, local advocates with the American Tiny House Association and B&B Micro Manufacturing are hosting a tiny house open house on Sunday, May 5th. Details available here.   3/11/19: The proposed tiny house…

City Councilmember and Tiny House Ally Runs for Dallas Mayor

Dallas Mayoral Candidate Scott Griggs Supports Tiny Houses The DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts are hosting a tiny house Q&A with Scott Grigs, Dallas mayor candidate. He is a current City Councilmember (Oak Cliff district) and in favor of tiny houses acceptance in the city. Q&A PURPOSE: ~ To educate everyone in the room about tiny…

Tiny State Bill Proposed in New Hampshire

State to Study Tiny Houses Developer Joseph Mendola is the leading advocate behind House Bill 312 that would require communities across NH to allow movable tiny homes in any residentially zoned area. It would be the first state to allow THOWs by right, as a permitted use. Per the Concord Monitor, the bill was tabled…

Legal Parking Option for THOWs Comes to Flagstaff, AZ

New Mobile Home Parking to Include Tiny House Lots Developer, Hope Construction signed a contract with city to build a mobile home park on an undeveloped piece of land. Of the 30 future lots, six will be dedicated for tiny houses on wheels. Lot rents expected to run $500-$600/month. Learn More

Grassroots advocates are working to legitimize tiny housing through educational initiatives and collaboration with local and state-level policymakers on common sense regulations. Their shared goal is to create more housing options to meet the needs of all residents.

Legal acceptance is critical for gaining access to financing, insurance and more secure placement of tiny homes. The biggest obstacles, restrictive zoning and building codes, are slowly but surely being overcome. To learn more, watch our docu-series, Living Tiny Legally.

-Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons, Creators of Living Tiny Legally

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