Lyons, CO Approves Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

9 THOW Permits NOW Available in Lyons, CO


Tiny houses first came to Lyons, a charming little city in Boulder County, by way of the WeeCasa tiny house hotel. Shortly after, local advocates and a new city planner recognized them as an opportunity to increase affordable housing stock. Simblissity Tiny Homes was one of the local advocacy leaders. 

After three years of pushing for legalization, Lyons became the first Coloradoan city to approved tiny houses on wheels, aka movable tiny homes, as accessory dwelling units. Read the full zoning ordinance here.
The city of Boulder is now working towards a similar ordinance. Many local tiny housing advocates have been pushing for this for years.

Significant progress was spurred in the Fall of 2018 after code enforcement evicted a college student from his tiny house on wheels located in a backyard. For a month his tiny house sat in storage, while he and his hosts worked with the city to try and find a solution.

GOOD News: the city granted a temporary allowance for the non-conforming structure, while they work toward a long-term solution, city-wide. Learn more about David and his talks with the city in this post.