Update: Tiny House Forum in Smithville, TX, Yields Positive Results

10/30: Tiny House Forum was a BIG Success!

"Monday evening I represented the Tiny House Industry Association and the American Tiny House Association in Smithville, TX, a community outside Austin. A group of City Council and community members gathered to hear my presentation of tiny homes and how they could be incorporated within their community.

After a 2-hour meeting and answering many questions, the Council voted to direct the City Manager to prepare ordinances for tiny houses and movable tiny houses in their town.

The city manager has already reached out and asked our help in writing their ordinances."

-Dan Fitzpatrick, ATHA/THIA Goverment Relations Director


Attend the Forum to Voice Your Support for Tiny Houses

As part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area, Smithville is reviewing how tiny houses could fit in their community and help address their housing needs.

Do you live in or near Smithville, Texas? If so, come out to support creating a legal place for tiny houses. Hear from American Tiny House Association and Tiny Home Industry Association leader, Dan Fitzpatrick about the benefits of tiny houses. He'll also discuss the best ways to incorporate them into local zoning and building codes.

The city of Smithville is seeking input. Submit questions/comments to http://tinyurl.com/TinyHomeQs by 10/23

Also, check out the new collection materials on Tiny Homes at the Smithville Public Library before you go!

See Smithville’s Tiny Home Survey Results at: http://tinyurl.com/TinyHomeReport

RSVP to http://evite.me/hgTm3Eee1Y

Refreshments sponsored by the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce