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Tiny House Blog

Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and how-to's from our nomadic tiny home life and our on-going documentary work. 


Do you want to live tiny? Or are you just tiny curious?  Read on to learn why less is more and how to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through downsized, simplified living.

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tiny house_hvac

Get The Most Out Of Your Tiny Home With These Insulation And HVAC Tips

Guest Post by Matt Lee Tiny home construction is fast becoming a popular minimalist method of homebuilding. Compact, efficient home design options allow for the maximum use of space and...
Finding Land_tips

6 Amazing Tips for Buying Land

There's more to buying land then just location. If you're looking for the perfect place to place your tiny house, then check out these tips for buying land. Looking for...
full time tiny house travel

Traveling Off-Grid Tiny Home with Digital Nomad Mobile Office

Full-time travel with a triple axle is for the brave and skilled! Meet Alisha and Brian and their two big dogs, Roxie & Arks. Together they've been traveling with their...
greenhouse gardening

Top Reasons to Have a Greenhouse in Your Backyard or Tiny House Homestead

Are you passionate about growing plants? Do you want to be even more self-reliant? If so, then having a greenhouse in your backyard is an excellent way of turning your...

Stay Warm and Cozy! 5 of the Best Tiny House Heating Options

If you want to stay warm and cozy in your tiny home, you should click here to learn about the best tiny house heating options. Winter is coming. Winter is...

Organizing Small Spaces: How to Store Things in a Tiny Home

If you live in a smaller house, it is important to store things the right way. Check out this guide for storing and organizing small spaces. Tiny homes have been...

Tiny Home for Rent: 7 Tips for Tiny House Landlords

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of people are looking for a tiny home for rent. Here are 7 tips for becoming a successful tiny house landlord....

Saving Energy, Saving Space: 5 Energy-Efficient Tiny House Heating Tips

It's hard to believe, but a tiny house can still cost a lot of money to heat and cool. Here are some energy-efficient tiny house heating tips to consider. The...

Gorgeous Tiny Houses with Farmhouse Flair Offer Chill Getaway

Welcome to Tiny Getaways Episode 2! We took a trip to the lovely Perch & Nest Tiny Home Company farm. The Elsner family live, build tiny houses, and host Airbnb...

Can Tiny Houses Fix Ireland’s Housing Problems?

It's no secret that houses are getting more expensive and harder to buy. What's the answer? It might well be the burgeoning craze for tiny houses around the world, including...

Small Bathroom Inspo: 5 Fabulous Tiny House Bathroom Ideas

A tiny house bathroom needs to do a lot with little space. Take a look at these fabulous tiny house bathroom ideas that will inspire you! Did you know that...

6 Ways to Maximize Your Space in Your Tiny Home

Tiny home owners know that they have to be efficient and well-organized. Everything must be planned, everything has its place, and nothing can simply be left out. After all, you...
tiny house living_product review_portable power station

Tiny Stuff Review: Jackery Portable Power Station + Solar Panel

New Options for Power on the Go Recently we returned to our tiny house with our new ride, a Honda Element. Christian upfitted it to work as a comfy car...
tiny house building safety tips

7 Safety Tips for Your Next Tiny Home Remodel or Build

Whether you're DIYing your next tiny home remodel or letting a professional handle it, safety should always be your number one concern! A recent survey found that just over 50%...
tiny living_rich and famous

Tiny Home Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Tiny houses truly appeal to all walks of life, so it's no surprise that even the rich & famous embrace downsized living. In a struggling housing market and a world...
tiny house moving guide

Towing a Tiny House: Your Guide to Moving with a Pro or DIY

Are you ready to take your tiny house to a new destination? Use this tiny house towing guide to learn how to prepare and execute a THOW move. You've waited...

Tiny Getaways: Charming Vintage Campers & Tiny House on Wheels

Debuting our New YouTube Series: Tiny Getaways The idea behind Tiny Getaways is to share all the amazing ways you experience tiny, to get away from it all, or to...
tiny house build considerations

Things to Consider When Building a Tiny House from Scratch

Custom home building is a massive undertaking that isn't for the faint of heart. Remember these things to consider when building a tiny house from scratch. Your dream tiny home...
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