vinyl flooring

Choosing the Best Vinyl Flooring for Your Beautiful Tiny Home

Vinyl flooring is a great affordable option for tiny homes.

Craving to live in your new tiny home is an understandable desire. You plan every little detail when it comes to moving in. Most of you willingly invest in your home because you strongly believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

But quality and cost need to be considered as well.

When you make the purchases for your new tiny home, installing quality flooring is an important item on your list. For this, you need the answer to what is vinyl and does it compare to other options.

Next, selecting the best vinyl flooring can be a difficult task. We share key considerations to help find the most suitable option for your tiny home.
vinyl flooring

Buying the best vinyl flooring for your tiny home

Understanding the types of vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring

Environmental-friendly vinyl floor tiles/planks

First, you need to understand the types of vinyl flooring available. You will come across sheet flooring and tile flooring vinyl.

The sheet vinyl gets laid down as sheets. The best thing about sheet vinyl is that it is easy to install and it is water-resistant.

You will find vinyl tile flooring in tile sizes. It looks similar to ceramic tiles. However, vinyl tiles are more affordable in comparison to the sheets.

Interpreting the different types of vinyl finish

You will come across three different types of vinyl flooring. If an area in your house is exposed to minimal dirt and has light foot traffic, go for vinyl no wax finish. For moderate foot traffic, you can go for a urethane finish.

The best thing about this finish is that it is easy to clean and can resist scuffing. It is comparatively more durable in comparison to vinyl with no wax finish. For heavy foot traffic, you can go for an enhanced urethane finish.

An enhanced urethane finish can resist stains and scratches.

Choosing the designs

The best thing about vinyl is that you have so many colors and patterns available. You can combine composite and solid vinyl for creating random patterns. Printed vinyl can also look great as a decor accent in your tiny house.

Maintaining vinyl flooring

If you want the vinyl flooring to last long, it should not be exposed to the sun. The reason is that vinyl can fade in direct sunlight. When there is heavy sunlight, then make sure that you draw the curtains.

The best thing about vinyl floors is that they are easy to clean. You can sweep the vinyl floor to remove the dirt. Next, you can run a damp mop over the floor. The benefit of this practice is that your vinyl floor will continue to look shiny.

When you are getting vinyl flooring installed, hire the best vendor. Discuss your requirements in detail with the vendor. The flooring is something that you do not change often. Make sure that you do not make any compromises in this regard.

In conclusion, be sure to do your research when opting for vinyl flooring for your tiny home.

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