Designing a Life and a Tiny Home

Ms. Gypsy Soul

Tiny House Expedition Road Trip Stop: Charlotte, NC

Christian and I sat down with the vibrant Jewel Pearson, better known as Ms. Gypsy Soul. Jewel shares insights into her journey to tiny living, including the ups and downs of her build, working with the city and finding the just-right parking spot. Her tiny life is much more than her tiny house. It is her key to a freer way of life. Also, enjoy a tour of Jewel's gorgeous tiny house!

Jewel is a member of a collaborative project that is highlighting tiny house stories of people of all colors and providing a forum for telling the stories of the movement from the lens of people of color. It's called Tiny House Trailblazers.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder Tiny House Expedition