Everything You Need to Know to About Buying Propane for Your Tiny Home

Curious about how much propane you'll need for your tiny home? We reveal everything you need to know about buying propane for your tiny house.

Back in 2015, American propane inventories reached a record high of 97.7 million barrels. In the United States, propane is perhaps most famous for its use in off-grid living and barbecues (Hank Hill springs to mind).

It is also an essential tool for off-grid tiny house appliances, including:
  • heater
  • instant water heater
  • kitchen range or stovetop
  • refrigerator

If you're interested in buying propane to heat your tiny home, there are a few things you'll need to know.

How much will this propane cost? Where to buy a propane tank? How much propane will I need for a year?

Answering all of these questions can be confusing. We're here to help you. We've pulled together the answers to the most pressing propane questions you might have.

Ready to find out all you need to know about house propane tanks? Then read on!
Our Instant Propane Water Heater

How Much Propane Will I Use?

If you want to buy propane tanks to heat your tiny home, you'll need to know how much to budget. Your tiny house will likely use anywhere from 100-500 gallons of propane each year.

There's a lot of variance in there, isn't there? Well, the truth is that it depends on the location and build of your tiny home. If it is well-insulated and in a warm climate, you'll use less, if it is poorly-insulated and in a colder climate, you'll use much more.

In our tiny house on wheels, we use propane for our instant water heater and our kitchen range. We use both every day, multiple times a day. Each has it's own dedicated 20 lb. propane tank.

On average, our tanks will last us 3-4 months before needing to be refilled.

How Much Will This Cost?

Let's assume that you're slap-bang in the middle of the above-estimated range, using 300 gallons per year.

The average cost of a gallon of propane at present at the time of writing is 60 cents per gallon. Multiplying 0.6 by 300 gives you a total cost for the year of $180.

Where to Buy a Propane Tank

If you're interested in buying propane to use for your tiny home, you, of course, need to know where to buy it. There are a ton of propane suppliers that can sell your tanks.

These include Walmart, Home Depot, U-Haul, and a vast array of other megastores as well as local gas suppliers. You should have no problem buying propane in your local area.

Compare your available options for refill and tank exchange deals.

Other Advantages of Using Propane

Your propane bill is already a whole lot lower than an average household gas bill. Cost isn't the only advantage to using propane, though. Let's take a look at some other benefits of using propane in your tiny home.

Better Efficiency

Propane is a more efficient fuel than fuel oil. It's also better for the environment when burned.

Secure Pricing

While propane is a hydrocarbon, it isn't too affected by the price of oil. Most of it is sourced domestically or from Mexico.

Ease of Purchase

You can buy propane easily anywhere in the country. It is almost always in stock and readily available.

Off-Grid Living

Propane appliances don't require electricity, for the most part. Therefore, they can significantly reduce your overall tiny house power needs. Consequently, for off-grid living, less solar power, or less generator use, is needed to power your home.

This gives you more freedom in where you can place or park your tiny house.

Of note, our propane-fueled kitchen range has electronic ignition but can be easily lit without a power source.

Buying Propane: a Great Option for Your Tiny Home

No matter where your tiny home is, buying propane is a fantastic option for heating, hot water, and cooking. If you're building your new off-grid home, consider these propane appliances. They can save you a fortune.

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