An Essential for Your Tiny Home: Portable Table Saw

Get creative DIY tiny home projects started with a portable table saw! Are you building a tiny house, or anticipating many home improvement projects in your tiny home and looking for the best tool for your needs? You want to get the right tool. One versatile piece of equipment that offers the right amount of…

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What You Need to Know About Roofing a Tiny House

tiny house roofing

Intro to roofing your tiny house Roofing a tiny house is more complicated than it seems. Since the house is small, the roof’s outlook defines its character, keeps the rain away, and absorbs most of the excessive heat or cold. It would help if you considered all facets before roofing your tiny house. Here are…

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Found Mold in Your Tiny House? Here’s What To Do

tiny house mold

Mold in your tiny house?! Have you ever thought about what life would be like living in a tiny house? Today, more people are downsizing and switching to tiny house living as it’s more eco-friendly and requires fewer resources. That said, building a small house that provides the same essentials and air quality maintenance as…

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Woman Designs Dream Gooseneck Tiny Home

gooseneck tiny home

From living at home to college dorms and shared housing, Nicole’s only private living space has been a bedroom. That is until a couple of years ago when she decided to build her dream tiny home. Nicole carefully planned her design by drawing layout after layout late at night. Fortunately, she’s always had a knack…

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Impressive Caboose-Inspired Tiny House

Do you dig the railroad and trains? You’ll love this darling caboose-inspired tiny house! We share a look inside the build to see how space-efficient ideas were brought to life in the completed caboose tiny house. Friesian Woodcrafters built it, a family-run sister business of Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The Arthur is one…

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