How to Make the Most of Your Tiny House Kitchen Storage

With a tiny house, every inch of counter space in your kitchen is important real estate. Learn how to maximize your tiny kitchen storage with these tips.

People who love the idea of tiny homes often have one stumbling block: the kitchen. How will they cook and clean up in such a small space?

The solution is an excellent organization. Read on for some tiny kitchen storage ideas to help you live large in a tiny home.

Purge Stuff You Don't Need

The kitchen is one room where people tend to have multiple items that they don't need. You don't need three colanders and seven mixing bowls.

The less stuff you have, the easier it is to find storage space for it. And the tidier your kitchen will look.

That's why the first step in learning how to organize a small kitchen is to purge. Get rid of gadgets and small appliances you don't use. Say goodbye to the bundt pan and crepe pan that you never use.

Be especially ruthless with multiples. Do you ever need more than one cookie sheet or whisk? Probably not.

Once you've purged, it will be easier to implement the following kitchen organization ideas.

Use Wire Shelf Risers


Inside cabinet shelving will be premium space in a tiny kitchen. You can make the most of it by getting wire shelf risers to give you extra vertical storage space.

That way you can sort your mugs from your cute plates and bowl.

Go Magnetic

Counter space is finite in a tiny kitchen. But usually, there is plenty of wall space that is underutilized.

Instead of a space-hogging knife bock, use a magnetic strip on the wall. Magnetic strips can also be a handy place to store spice jars and utensils.


Opt for a Hollow Island

An island in a tiny kitchen is a great way to get more counter space. And if hollow, it can give you a ton of extra storage.

You can use your island to store pots and pans, cookbooks, holiday accessories and so on.

Contact E Freitas Construction Inc. to get the hollow island of your dreams.

Use Your Cabinets Wisely

One of the best ways to organize small kitchens is to use the insides of your cabinet doors. They offer you the perfect spot for small kitchen utensils like measuring cups, whisks, ladles, and spatulas.

This frees up precious drawer space for your other items.

The sides of your lower cabinets are the perfect spot for hanging cutting boards and colanders. You can even use this space for a tiny herb garden if your cabinet gets good natural light.

Put the Fridge Doors to Work, Too

The fridge door is often cluttered with magnets, kids drawings, and flyers. A better use of the space is to use it for magnetic shelving.

Magnetic shelving is one of the best tiny kitchen storage ideas. You can use these shelves to keep paper towel, bottles of sauces, oil and vinegar and much more.


Organize the Cabinets

Having enough kitchen storage for small spaces is tough. One way to keep the items under control is to install pull out baskets or door racks in your cabinets.

That way you won't just throw items in the cabinet and hope for the best. A tiny kitchen needs to have a designated place for each item. And an organized cabinet goes a long way into helping keep things tidy.

Final Thoughts on Kitchen Storage

Thanks for reading. We hope that these tips for kitchen storage in your tiny kitchen help transform your kitchen into a simply serene and organized space.

Keep coming back for more tiny house tips!