“ReBuilding Butte” – A Short Tiny Home Documentary

Featuring Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors

Rebuilding Butte filmmaker Amanda Lipp spent years documenting the amazing heartfelt tiny house building project in response to the deadliest fire in California history in 2018, The Camp Fire, that destroyed Paradise and surrounding Butte County communities. Her short documentary follows Alyssa Nolan-Cain, a local resident and mother of three who learned how to build tiny homes by watching YouTube videos. The build site became a place for recovery and community when it was most needed.

Alyssa's brave and bold effort to build tiny homes for fire survivors spawned a nonprofit Tiny Pine Foundation for disaster relief and emergency housing initiatives across the Pacific Northwest.

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Rebuilding Butte is dedicated to all those who experienced loss from fire.

"When I first learned about Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors, I volunteered as a builder. This evolved into a two-year filmmaking journey and discovering that tiny houses have become a “tiny but mighty” solution around the world in response to major social and environmental issues we face today – like homelessness, reducing our carbon footprint, and families navigating displacement from wildfires. I’m fascinated by trauma and how people persevere at all odds. My goal as a filmmaker is to tackle tough topics in a hopeful and uplifting tone."

-filmmaker, Amand Lipp

Join the virtual premiere of Rebuilding Butte on November 8 at 6pm PST. Before watching the film over Zoom, the filmmaker will host a short program to hear from our guest speakers from Tiny Home Magazine, Clif Bar, and Chegg.

Virtual Premiere Agenda:

  • Welcome from Filmmaker, Amanda Lipp
  • Guest speakers: Tiny House Magazine, Clif Bar, Chegg
  • Watch the film together over Zoom! 25 min.
  • Thanks to our crew and donors
  • Update from Alyssa Hofman, Founder of Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors
  • Audience Q&A

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