How to Make Your Tiny House More Comfortable

Always be optimizing because comfort is king for enjoying your tiny home. If you’ve just moved into a tiny house, it might feel a little cramped and awkward at first. It is a big transition, after all, so that’s normal. While you work to get used to it, there are several tweaks you can implement…

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6 Home Refresh Tips To Modernize Your Tiny Home

6 Easy Hacks to Update the Look of Your Tiny Home Are you bored of the mundane look of your tiny house? That’s your cue to get started with a home refresh. It’s not too difficult to modernize your small space by giving it a makeover. There are many options that can add a modern…

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Inexpensive and Easy Tiny Home Upgrades

easy tiny home upgrades

Looking for simple, affordable, easy tiny home upgrades? Moving into a tiny home is an exciting move. You’re leaving so much baggage behind that it feels liberating. For most people, it’s a very new experience. Thus, when they’re setting it up, they try out a lot of contemporary aesthetics and setups that they haven’t had…

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3 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Tiny Home’s Décor

your tiny home’s decor

It doesn’t take much to elevate your tiny home’s décor. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to look at a property and envision a décor style that will suit and elevate the space, especially when that space is on the smaller side. In fact, sticking to an aesthetic and ensuring that your…

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Why Upgrade Your Tiny Home Décor with Murals?

2019 seems to be the year of wallpaper murals! And the trend murals are setting is here to stay. Since 2020 is just a couple of months away, it is about time to think of unique, elegant, or dramatic wallpaper mural designs to add that wow factor to your home décor. If you think that…

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