$34k Handcrafted Tiny House with Stained Glass Art

Meet Jennifer and David, who built an incredible $34k handcrafted tiny house. It's a truly unique space that reflects their artistic interests and personalities. For years, Jennifer dreamed of being a traveling nurse—well-suited for a home on wheels. Now that they're empty-nesters, they feel free to live their nomadic dreams.

"If you can do something and you want to do something, and you never do it, the only thing you have later on is regret for not having done it in the first place. I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be a pastry chef; that was not on my radar, but I did it. It was never on my radar to do stain glass, but I did it. It certainly was never on my radar to build a tiny house; it never occurred to me to do it until a random conversation we had on vacation to the Outer Banks.

I've always wanted to do this travel thing. So that's what it is for me. It came down to why not? If you can do it, why not. It seemed like a perfect time. Our kids are grown and out of the house. We're still young enough that we can go out and do things!"

-David & Jennifer, @travelsizehouse


Inside their $34k Handcrafted Tiny House

From concept to completion Jennifer and David's $34k handcrafted tiny house took four years to come into being. Slowly collecting reclaimed materials from auctions to salvage yards, enabled them to keep the cost down. With that said, the beautiful finishes used and craftsmanship make this feel like a high-end home. Or you might say living work of art.

David put his experience with stained glass to good use in custom windows and doors in their tiny home. Importantly for them, this adds beauty with an element of privacy. But to make the house road-worthy, they sandwiched the stained glass art with tempered glass.  Other top design features include an elevator bed. Additionally, a fold-down deck to give them outdoor living space no matter where they're parked.

Follow Jennifer & David's tiny house adventures on Instagram, @travelsizehouse.

Watch the tour of their $34k handcrafted tiny house to see more!


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