$34k Handcrafted Tiny House with Stained Glass Art

Meet Jennifer and David, who built an incredible $34k handcrafted tiny house. It’s a truly unique space that reflects their artistic interests and personalities. For years, Jennifer dreamed of being a traveling nurse—well-suited for a home on wheels. Now that they’re empty-nesters, they feel free to live their nomadic dreams. “If you can do something…

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DIY Tiny Home Build Stories

Don’t miss our new series if you want to build your own tiny home! Christian and I are excited to share our new series, DIY Tiny Home Build Stories. We hope to inspire you with these do-it-yourself success stories. Because it is possible, fulfilling, and the best way to save money on a tiny house.…

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Couple Built $38k Tiny House in 3 months

$38k Tiny House Built wiht 50% Recycled Materials Meet Sonja and Tim, college students who built a $38k tiny house over the summer in just three short months. They finished it just in time for the start of school. But not only did they accomplish this impressive feat, Sonja and Tim created a work of…

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He’s lived in Two Tiny Houses since 2013, 0 regrets!

9 years, 2 tiny houses, 0 regrets Meet Allen, who downsized after hard times and has now lived in two tiny houses since 2013. He’s found that a simple lifestyle is just plain practical. Additionally, it leads to more fulfillment by enabling him to prioritize his resources (time & money) around what matters most. “For…

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Woman’s $38k DIY Tiny House in Private Farm Parking Spot

From Shell to Custom Cozy Home in 1-Year! Meet Kristie, a college instructor with a love for sustainability. She built a $38k DIY tiny house with no building experience in just 1-year, after receiving a shell from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. And, of course, she customized it to fit her needs, including many considerations for…

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Skateboarder’s Handcrafted Tiny Home & Mobile Sauna

Handcrafted Tiny Home

From skateboarding to architecture studies, a passion for creative craftsman arose! Meet Jeremy Tuffli, a talented builder and skateboarder. He handcrafted a whimsical truck camper for nomadic living and later an exceptional curved roof tiny house and mobile sauna. Not surprisingly, his early design inspiration came from Lloyd Khan’s books, like Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter…

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Couple Builds Light & Airy $35k Tiny House

$35k tiny house

What does a $35k tiny house look like? And how do you acheive that? Meet Sara and Joel and their clever, beautifully efficient 26-ft self-built tiny home on wheels. Over two years of weekends, they built their tiny house with an incredible DIY Murphy bed for just $35,000. Importantly, this huge costs savings is a…

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Off-Grid Tiny House Homestead for Wild Adventures

off grid tiny house homestead

Meet Clara and Edwin. They live on an off-grid tiny house homestead in their gorgeous self-built tiny home on wheels. It’s a dream come true for this tough young couple who love being outdoors for wild adventures, like rock climbing and bungee jumping. Their tiny journey began with a desire to live in the woods…

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Single Mom’s Tiny Home: Ideal for Life Transition

single mom tiny home

Inside a single mom’s tiny home shows how simple living allows her to focus on what matters most to her.  Meet Shannen, a strong woman and mother to two boys, and Mangus, their English Bulldog. She built her tiny house with her soon-to-be ex-husband for about $45k. But when they separated, Shannen subsequently moved her…

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