7 Awesome Bedroom Layout Ideas for Your Small Home

Do you live in a small home, or have a tiny bedroom? Check out our small bedroom layout ideas here.

Modern-day Americans are now opting for smaller-sized homes. On average, these living spaces are shrinking by 73 square feet. Many homeowners are also favoring the tiny house movement over larger-sized homes.

Smaller living spaces offer a way to save on the ever-increasing cost of living. They are also helping many people to adopt the favorable "less is more" lifestyle.

And of course, countless Americans already live in small spaces, from apartments, duplexes to historic small houses. In these, it can be challenging to maximize the layout and storage with tiny rooms. Further, they can become quickly cluttered without intentional minimalist choices.

Yet, with a smaller-sized bedroom, you shouldn't have to sacrifice on style to save on space. There are plenty of design techniques to boost the function and style of the bedroom.

Here is our list of 7 creative bedroom layout ideas to get you inspired.

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1) Adopt a More Minimalistic Lifestyle


Becoming more minimalistic is the first step in maintaining a simple bedroom layout. It helps to purge your space and get rid of items that you don't need that are only taking up room. Consider renting a storage unit or donating these unneeded items to charity.

This gives you more room to play with and more control over the layout design of your bedroom. The right-sized furniture is also crucial for minimalist bedroom design for small rooms.

It helps to choose pieces that are more modern in design. Less bulky furniture will ensure that you do not overwhelm a smaller bedroom space. Yet, with less furniture in the room, you don't always have to opt for smaller furniture designs.

Focus on a slimmer-style headboard or bed frame. This helps draw not too much focus in a smaller room.

You can forgo nightstands if they take up too much space. Instead, use a small built-in shelf or headboard with storage features.

A small hanging nightstand is another unique and stylish option. This is easy to do yourself using a rope and a small piece of wood.

A small stool can also serve as a nightstand. Also, it's an excellent spot for holding a book, a cup of tea, or charging your phone at night.

2) Select the Right Color Palette

Lighter and more neutral colors help to create a brighter ambiance in your bedroom. These colors make the room appear larger and more inviting.

Be sure to choose the right color palette for your paint selections. Linens, window treatments, and other upholstery should also follow suit.

Whites, creams, light greys, and blues are ideal for this. Lighter blues and greens are cooler colors, which can create a calming effect on your mind.

If you favor darker colors, an accent wall can come in handy for this. This allows you to add some contrast without making the room appear too dark.

Other easy bedroom ideas include using accents to add texture and color.

Do this with throw pillows, blankets, a small chair, and a decorative rug. The right-sized rug will also help anchor the space and all the items within it.

3) Be Smart About Furniture Placement

Using small bedroom furniture gives you more flexibility in your furniture placement. When designing your room, focus on placing your bed in the room first.

The bed often works best against the center of a wall. This creates a nice focal point for the room.

It's also okay to place the bed against a corner wall when limited on space.

A murphy bed is another option when you want to maximize your floor space.

Another tip is to choose the right mattress size for your room. Certain bedroom layout ideas may call for downsizing your current mattress. This mattress shopping guide can help you decide which model is best for your room layout.

Be sure there is also enough space around the bed and between it and other furniture items. This ensures a comfortable flow of traffic about the room. Allow no furniture pieces to disrupt movement throughout the room.

Try to use a portable conditioner for smaller rooms. It will not only cool your room, but it will save some space and energy as well. Check out the buying guides on https://coolandportable.com/ to find the right size of a portable conditioner for your room.

4) Let the Light in

Lighting techniques work to brighten up your bedroom and can make it seem grander.

An essential tip is to make sure you're not blocking any windows in your bedroom. It lets the most amount of natural light into the room.

Yet, bedframes without headboards can work well when placed beneath a window. This layout option will also give you more wall space to experiment with.

It's smart to place your desk or reading chair next to a window, so you get plenty of sunlight. You also want to pay special attention to where you place your light fixtures.

It's best to include a combination of task and ambient lighting. The right lighting placement will add both style and function to your room layout.

You can try to make a statement with a lighting fixture, like a chandelier. Another idea is to opt for small string lights for a cozier vibe.

Smaller rooms are often limited in the number of windows they have. Yet, if hanging curtains, it helps to install your hardware higher on the wall. Keep curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of a taller space.

Another way to add more light to your room is with hanging or wall-leaning mirrors.  Their reflective properties will let more light pass throughout the room.

Mirrors also make a stylish design statement in a smaller space. One idea is to hang them on the outside of your closet.

5) Utilize Your Wall Space

Bedroom walls are not only for displaying artwork. They also offer plenty of vertical space when you're limited on flooring surfaces.

Built-ins and open shelving are great for displaying decor and other bedroom essentials. They work well to add surface space without making the room look cramped.

Use shelves and built-ins to hold books, candles, and plants. Plants also help to purify the air in a smaller space. You can even use windowsills as a shelf alternative.

Wall space is also ideal for lighting when you don't have room to place lights on the floor or furniture. Wall sconces and hanging fixtures are perfect for installing in smaller bedrooms.

6) Work to Control Clutter

Clutter can have a negative impact on your mental health. A disorganized space can even lead to increased feelings of stress and depression.

Organization techniques are essential for a smaller bedroom layout. These methods help to keep clutter off your furniture surfaces and floor.

One tip is to create a proper storage system for your closet. This way, you keep clothing and accessories out of the bedroom area.

Use baskets and clear bins to store extra items and keep them well-organized. Placing a woven laundry hamper in your closet is another idea.

It's also smart to use woven baskets in the bedroom. These add texture and style to the room's design. They are ideal for holding books and blankets.

7) Make Furniture Multi-Functional

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is ideal for smaller living spaces. Bed ideas for small spaces include frames with built-in or DIY storage solutions.

This way, you can take advantage of the space under the bed to organize extra items. Use built-ins or sliding bins to store things like shoes, luggage, and handbags.

Check out the space-saving submarine bed storage in Alan's tiny house loft:

For the smallest-sized rooms, consider re-designing your sleeping space. It's easy to transform your bed into a daybed during the day, allows for extra seating or a place to get work done.

A loft-style bed will also allow you extra floor space to experiment with. A foldable stool and floating desk make it easier to design a smaller bedroom. Floating desks are also much slimmer and take up less space than an actual desk.

When limited on space, consider a dresser or desk that also acts as a nearby nightstand. A shelving unit that doubles as a bookcase is another idea. Use it as a display for decor and a place to store essential items.

If you have enough room, an ottoman can also come in handy. This piece of furniture acts as extra seating in the room. It also provides hidden storage for items like extra blankets and pillows.

Never be afraid to get creative with the space you have. This could even involve placing a stylish piece of lucite on top of a radiator. This idea creates an extra table surface for a charming look.

The Best Bedroom Layout Ideas for Enhancing Comfort and Style 

These bedroom layout ideas help to boost style, comfort, and function in a small space. They work to cut down on clutter and make the most of your floor and wall surfaces.

Looking for more savvy design tips for smaller-sized living spaces? Check out the tiny living and design sections of our blog for the latest inspiration.

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