Artist’s Tiny House Garage Conversion Funds His Passion

Tiny House Garage Conversion

We partnered with Airbnb to share the amazing stories of hosts behind unique small space listings, like Superhost Michael Crockett’s tiny house garage conversion. Michael is a Sacramento-based artist who converted a garage into an art-filled tiny house. Hosting the Tiny Art House nurtures his creative side while significantly contributing to his income. He built…

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Magical Renovated Geodesic Dome Home

geodesic dome home

What makes a geodesic dome home work? Keep scrolling! We are partnering with Airbnb to share the amazing stories of hosts behind unique small space listings. Meet Superhosts Denise and Mike. They created a magical geodesic dome experience, combining the serenity of a treehouse with the comfort of an organic-shaped dome. It’s proven to be…

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How to Lower Your Monthly Water Bill: A Guide for Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home often reduces utility bills. Interested in learning how to further lower your monthly water bill? Check out our helpful guide here. The average monthly water bill in the United States is around $70. Unfortunately, some people will open their water bill this month and be met with a surprisingly large bill…

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Changing the Housing Game with Tiny Homes

Tiny housing is definitely changing the game in terms of how our modern society regards dwelling options. Consider how the idea of one’s home has been a prevailing sort of status symbol. It serves to show the world how wealthy you are, how far you’ve made it, or that you’re a contributing member of society.…

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7 Awesome Bedroom Layout Ideas for Your Small Home

Do you live in a small home, or have a tiny bedroom? Check out our small bedroom layout ideas here. Modern-day Americans are now opting for smaller-sized homes. On average, these living spaces are shrinking by 73 square feet. Many homeowners are also favoring the tiny house movement over larger-sized homes. Smaller living spaces offer a…

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Intriguing Tiny Homes & Initiatives at Fresno Tiny House Expo

DIY Design Inspiration for All We recently had the pleasure of participating in the Fresno Fall Home Show and Tiny House Expo in one of the first places where you can live tiny legally—Fresno, California. Watch our documentary, Living Tiny Legally Part 1, to learn more. Besides sharing lessons, we learned from traveling 55,000 with…

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