City of Bend, OR Considers Allowing THOWs as ADUs

The city of Bend is actively looking into zoning language that would allow movable tiny houses as residences in accessory dwelling situations.

There has been pressure on the city to come up with a solution after a young family was recently informed they had a mere ten days to vacate their tiny house on wheels. It has been parked behind a small foundation home that they own. They rented the rooms at affordable rates to veterans. His family has been providing a much-needed service for their community, as Bend’s housing stock is limited, especially affordable units.

After the city code enforcers told the Bryant family to vacate their THOW or face daily fines, they crammed into one room in the foundation house. The family is determined to fight the eviction, and recently they attended a city council meeting to discuss their situation.

Council meeting seemed like it went well tonight. I would like to thank the council, mayor pro-temp, and mayor for listening and trying to fit the issue into their busy schedule. They didn’t like hearing no due process or official eviction notice. Thank you all for your support, and I will keep you updated. Code change will take discussion and time, but they are having the conversation!

Steve Bryant, the evicted tiny homeowner

While the process will take time, we hope the city considers granting the family a temporary allowance to stay in their tiny home, while they work towards a longer-term, city-wide solution. Like the evicted Boulder college student that was able to return to his THOW—read more about that here.