"An Act Regarding the Regulation of Tiny Houses"

After a successful public hearing, with huge local advocate turnout, Maine's Joint Standing Committee on Transportation was given an "ought to pass" on a statewide bill, LD 1981. This provides a definition for movable tiny houses, also known as tiny houses on wheels. To be fully approved into law, it must pass both the Maine state house and senate.

"We are specifically addressing tiny homes on wheels with this bill. The current situation is you can not receive a title or registration from the state of Maine. This prevents financing options and the ability to move your tiny home more than once. LD1891 simply adds a definition for "TINY HOME" in the motor vehicle law Title 29-A.

We are are planning to have a second bill that addresses where tiny homes are permitted as a dwelling. More info on that later."

-Tiny Homes of Maine, leading local advocates

Other local advocates include Alan Plumber, an American Tiny House Association chapter leader.

For more on the hearing and tiny house advocate testimony: