Proposed Arizona Statewide Tiny House Bill: Stakeholder’s Meeting, 12/20

Attend the first Tiny House Statewide Zoning Bill Stakeholders meeting, 12/20

az tiny house advoacy meeting

Nonprofit, Build Us Hope is hosting an advocacy meeting about the proposed Statewide Bill. Learn how you can play a role in creating unified zoning codes and building regulation for tiny home living across the state.

Proposed Bill Goals:

  • Clarify rules for tiny homes.
  • Increase accessibility to housing that is affordable to the local community.
  • Allow permanent tiny homes on foundations that are building code compliant to permitted in all residential zoning districts in Arizona.
  • Establish building and zoning standards for movable tiny houses.
  • Help create more smaller units (1 bedroom) to match the demand of boomers in the rental market.

Join Build Us Hope on December 20, 2019, at 9:00 A.M at ASU's School of Sustainability, Room 481 to learn more.

"Meeting with Rep. John Kavanagh today to gain his support for a new Statewide Tiny House Bill. Wish us luck. We plan to meet or have met with the entire House of Representative in the up coming weeks.

Also if you want to join our Tiny House committee, please email [email protected]. Thank you."

-Elizabeth Singleton, Build Us Hope founder

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