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Solar Power Generators: Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Is a portable solar power generator worthwhile for your tiny home?

Did you know that the United States experiences more power outages than any other developed country? If you want to make sure you always have access to power when you need it, consider getting a backup generator.

There are plenty of different options on the market. But, solar power generators are becoming more and more popular, as people are putting a greater emphasis on sustainable living.

Are you wondering if a portable solar power generator is the right option for your home? You've come to the right place!

Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of portable solar power generators.

Pro: You Don't Have to Pay for Fuel

One reason homeowners love solar power generators is that, unlike a traditional generator, you don't have to pay for fuel costs. Since the power generated comes from solar panels, you can access free fuel as long as the sun is shining.

As long as you keep your panels charged, you'll be able to run your generator whenever you need backup or supplemental power without having to worry about running out of fuel.

Pro: You'll Be Using a Clean Energy Source

If you're concerned about your carbon footprint and looking for ways to live more sustainably, using a solar power generator can help you do just that.

Using a solar generator doesn't rely on gasoline or other fossil fuels, which means you can use it guilt-free. It also doesn't emit pollutants into the air when it stores or produces energy. Whether you use your solar generator to power your home during an outage or to bring electricity to your next camping trip, you won't have to worry about its impact on the environment.

Pro: It's a Low Maintenance Power Source

Gas generators contain lots of moving parts, which require maintenance to continue working properly. If you don't have the time or desire to maintain your generator, that means it will eventually break down. This could possibly leave you without access to power at the worst possible time.

Solar power generators have fewer parts, and therefore, they require less maintenance. Look through this list of solar-powered generator options to see which model best fits your needs.

Con: It Can Be More Expensive Upfront

If you're looking for a generator on a budget, then a solar option may not be the best option for your wallet.

However, keep in mind that while solar generators are more expensive up front, they have lower operating costs, meaning you will likely spend less money over the life of the generator than you would with a gas generator.

Con: Recharging Can Take a While

While harnessing the power of the sun is great (and free!), that also means that you won't be able to recharge your generator overnight.

Make sure you plan accordingly so that you're able to charge your generator during the day, so you can use it overnight or during cloudy weather, as needed.

Solar Power Generators Are a Great Choice

After reading through our list of solar power generator pros and cons, you can make an informed decision for your needs. Solar power generators are an especially great option for smaller homes, which require less power.

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